Title:emecon 1 2010 Holman
Author: Otto Holman
Description:The resurgence of Political Economy (PE) in analysing social change is very much concomitant to phenomena like globalisation, the (relative) decline of American hegemony and Western dominance in the international system, the hollowing out of the nation-state and, indeed as an overarching structure, the process of transnational class formation. All these issues popped up in the scholarly literature during the 1970s and have been dominant themes ever since. In the European context, a PE perspective developed in reaction to two different but in a deeper sense interrelated occurrences: the extended relaunch of European integration from the mid-1980s onwards, on the one hand, and the collapse of state socialism in Central and Eastern Europe, on the other. The former apparently took the form of an acceleration in economic integration – after all, the extended relaunch was about completing the Single European Market and establishing Economic and Monetary Union – but in reality it was about new power configurations and about a redistribution of welfare, this time at the transnational European level.
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